Awesome participation!

A big thank you to all that participated in comments yesterday. By using this blog you’ll have achieved some fundamental educational outcomes that very rarely happen in most physical classrooms:

-peer learning
-creative expression
-experience sharing

I was amazed and delighted to note that when a user had an issue installing some software it required .net, and almost instantly another user provided a solution! Now that is what real education is about!

This blog serves to be a resource for our community in regard to anything that is geek. I hope that our little community grows from strength to strength.

Issues I have noted is that comment system makes chatting annoying as one needs to refresh page constantly, I am working on integrating a chat feature into this blog.

Teaching game dev status: almost done with reading material, then to experiment and then teach.



I have an odd tradition on this day. I enjoy giving other people gifts.




Current status 255

It’s been too long… Ever since I was mesmerized by the first “computer” game I saw, I knew I wanted to be able to do that, fast forward over 20 years and I am nowhere near realizing that dream. Done a ton of research and downloading but the hardest thing has been STARTING! Memory share: My matric programming project was a dungeon text adventure that I eventually scraped: you could navigate a room, north, south, east, west, open a treasure chest and battle a troll with a random attack point generator, it was terrible and never worked…

Couple adventures with click and create, my first experience with a game creation tool, since then I have came across: Unity3D, Game maker and game salad but again never start anything substantial.

Motivation? Welcome to the adult world and the difference between success and failure, realizing your dream or letting it just be that, a dream. It comes down to a simple question. How badly do I want it?

My hope has been to gather a group of like minded individuals so that we may create something together, motivate each other, fail together and succeed together. So far it’s just myself.

Anyone out there…?

2014 Update!

Greetings all.

What would I say if I had to hijack a grade 11 IT class? Can I teach you’ll how to program a game and then we sell it?

I am hoping those learners are truly interested and dedicated.

This blog was created, so that we do not need to physically meet but have easy access to a forum where I can teach, share and assist would be students.

With that said, I do plan sometime in the near future to have at least one contact session per week so that we can brain-storm as a group