Great initiative by Microsoft and Sony

Happy to see that the big corps see the value in independent game development.


I think sony has also setup something similar, and google later…

playstation indie dev


Was a bit curious as to which would be the better platform in terms of development.

xbox1 vs ps4 graphics rumors

Forbes: 5best reasons for buying ps4

From the articles it seems that the ps4 is easier to develop with.
Personally I have been a loyal xbox 360 gamer for going onto 5 years now. I have enjoyed the system but originally I was a sony fan with the ps1, skipped the ps2, got a psp, which I also enjoyed, skipped the ps3 for xbox360 but honestly I miss sony, so definitely going with sony for next console upgrade.

braid dev speaks out about new xbox

Microsoft treats independent developers very badly


More pixel art resources

Excellent portfolio of artist Alex Hanson-White

Alex Hanson-white

I am also including direct links to some really awesome learning booklets(just 11pages!)

Booklet 2
Booklet 3
Booklet 4
Booklet 5

Check out the site Zrodfects cool content for indie devs!

Here is direct link for tutorials for pixel art/animations. All in handy PDF links 🙂