Wanna play Dungeons and Dragons???

Greetings. Welcome back to school. Here is a free resource for everything you need to get started in the amazing experience of role playing games. Pathfinder is based on DnD and is totally free!!!


The first document you need to get is the core rule book, http://paizo.com/download/pathfinder/CoreRulebookErrata_5.0.zip

Read through it, get to grips with the basic rules and start creating your character. You can download die simulation apps from itunes or the play store.

I will be starting a pathfinder club in Chatsworth provided that I have players.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Holidaze almost over

Greetings all. Whats new and how is everybody doing? Work has been relentless with my onsite duties but I have also been busy with continuing my real work, learning through play.

Lego has been going well, on a break due to school holidays but soon the First Lego League will start and our group has got to do some serious play!

Been dabbling with Unity 3D and plan to have a game demo done in a few months time.

I have also discovered Dungeons and Dragons and its epic!!!!

Here are some local resources to have a look at


Well I am off, tripping the light fantastic!