From the Director of Indie Game the movie!

Yesterday I got the best birthday present ever. I screened your movie to a group of young Information Technolgy students who are also gamers! On their behalf I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience. They were excited, touched and inspired. I’m trying to start a computer club in my community with the hope that someday it may become a forum of social change but to accomplish a very serious thing I want to do it through what most feel is a very unserious activity, gaming and game dev.

I watched your movie sometime in December of 2012 and was moved to tears. It’s was truly a touching story of a medium and it’s creators which most people don’t understand but that is quickly changing. Do you’ll play games?

I plan to teach these learners game development skills and get them to think about their environment and express themselves but moreso I’m curious as to how they portray being South Africans from Durban, Chatsworth. I used to be an educator but left the profession as my teaching methods and ideas were not well received by my collegues or students of a wealthy privileged school. I miss education, that’s why I teach on the weekends to who ever comes to class. I enjoy watching TED and draw much inspiration from it. May I suggest you do a TED talk, there a many valuable life lessons in your movie and too I’m sure in the whole experience of making such a masterpiece of the human condition.

I can never truly thank you enough.

Kind regards.


Thank you so much for your lovely note. We really appreciate it. We’re so happy to hear the film connected the way it did. And thank you so much for sharing the film. Best of luck starting the computer club! I hope it goes well.

And, yeah, we would love to do something like a TED talk one day. The film is indeed about making films, but really, it’s about making *anything*. It’s about making stuff, putting everything you have into that stuff, and then putting that stuff into the world and watching people react.

Thanks again for taking the time to write. Best of luck with everything!

Take Care,



2 thoughts on “From the Director of Indie Game the movie!

  1. Wow! That’s amazing!

    I just want to thank you again on behalf of everyone. We won’t be active here much due to exams but we are still very much interested in the club and would like to meet again; maybe sometime during the break.


  2. Netrisha Moodley says:

    It’s true. It would be really cool to meet again. We got so psyched during the last meeting. We finish control tests next week so we’ll be back terrorizing the blog soon enough. 🙂

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