saturday shinobi


So my wife’s younger cousin comes over this weekend to spend some time with us. He is a massive Naruto fan. I’m busy with an android project, testing out various emulators playability. Ever since I read Bob pape’s book on creating the r-type conversion for zx spectrum, I have been itching to play the original arcade version. Mame for android is awesome, so far every rom I have thrown at it works fairly decent: Street fighter 2, R-type and Shinobi. As much as I love playing games, I also enjoy watching others play games. So I set up a game of Shinobi and waited for that common phrase from current day gamers, “…but the graphics are so bad…” But it never came. Shinobi may not stand up graphically to modern day games of the same genre but it makes up for that in solid action game play and responsive controls. It was fun to watch him play this classic of arcade games. Its not always about graphics!

As for my own gaming adventures, I have been busy with various indie titles: Castle crashers, cave story, stanley parable, deponia, bastion and a couple more.

All progress on actually making a game has grind to a stop! How about some support people?!? 😉



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