Marvel vs DC



5 thoughts on “Marvel vs DC

  1. Neelesh Persadh says:

    i have a simmilar pic like this 1 at the same location only … i have Venom vs Bane in an arm wrestle match by the gamma bar and every1 surrounds them
    just for venom il stick to marvel

  2. Everyone’s favourite Symbiote. 🙂 Althought, as far as heroes go, DC has Batman, Black Canary, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Hal, Shazam whereas Marvel has Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Spider-man, Iron Man, Iron Man and a couple more of Tony Stark that sums it up. Let’s not go to Black Widow. The X-Men and X-Force cover up nicely but there you get your anti-heroes too.

    Overall, the DC multiverse is broadened as a whole in contrast to Marvel’s where the characters lead more independent storylines and come together most closely in crossover events like the Avengers vs. X-men. I read that last year but I’m sure it’s older than that.

  3. Netrisha Moodley says:

    Gosh, Keenan! 🙂 I’m going with Marvel. Don’t forget that Marvel has Rogue. She can absorb anyone’s memory and/or powers. She even defeated Apocalypse. DC may have more heroes but Marvel has kick-butt heroines. Think about Storm, Phoenix, Psylocke, Jubilee, Surge, Miss Marvel, Elektra, Scarlett Witch, She- Hulk, Sif, Miss America… Do I need to go on? 😉

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