Sunday sundown

Well I’m glad to share, I finally got a weekend to play braid and was I not disappointed! I’m on world 6 but the puzzles have been amazing, actually there is one puzzle where I’m still not sure how I did it, I don’t want to spoil the game for others, so please forgive the bland generic comments. I’m staying clear of guides or any kind of online help, I’m keeping it old school, like back in the daze of tv-games the Internet was something only university comp science people knew of or had access to. Back to braid, the story is beautiful and I find the words used to be realistic and moving. To achieve that human connection in a game is an achievement in itself!

Main thing to remember about braid it’s not a platform puzzler as more of a platform time puzzler.

Need some encouragement to start my first adventure game. I have completed reading manual but I just seem to be in a limbo as to sitting down and starting anything.

I’m always on the lookout for new indie titles and have collected a few new games that hopefully may just make it in vol2 of the DVD shares, maybe.

So what happens when I make this “game” ? Well I want to use my new knowledge and skills and teach it to the members of this little club. It will not be AAA title level game but it’s important I repeat a fundamental belief of this club, to have fun, the main goal here is to create games to have fun, express your selves and learn.

If I do complete game and want to teach this to the group, I will need a venue and each learner in front of a pc. Do all members have a laptop or will members ask school for permission to use IT Lab?

Ball in your court?


8 thoughts on “Sunday sundown

    • Saturday 2-3 hour session using a windows game dev application. Install file is under 4mb, so it’s not anything resource intensive.

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