Game sprites in the real world


Challenge: can you name all the game characters that appear in this image?


10 thoughts on “Game sprites in the real world

  1. Neelesh Persadh says:

    have i been un-alive reciently ? lol …. 4 ninja turtles and 6 power rangers yooh power rangers will put the rurtles back in thier shell if they transform , the turtles could use mario but he busy at a party getting high on mushrooms lol

  2. Neelesh Persadh says:

    omg we watched indie game the movie and im back to retro gaming , thought it be fun and colourfull but OMG i found a game on play store called EYES its a first person horror indie game with ok graphics awsome sound effects and did i mention its scarry , to me worse than F.E.A.R

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