New codes! enjoy.

/learning/ Why.Doesnt.Maths.Add.Up.HDTV.x264-OAK – 3DUV1D0M@TH

/serial art/ injustice – DC111173?

/creativity/ Car. A Definitive Visual History of the Automobile.rar – 4353465246246

/fun things/ retro gamer  – N3$L0V3R:)


10 thoughts on “New codes! enjoy.

    • Half Llolz! Please try to be creative($h1ty or k@rk@r) with ur expletives or even better don’t use them altogether. I will only release codes for other games when the game we are playing is complete. Sorry but half played games is disrespectful to yourselves but more so to the game creators. Sorry, try again with another file.

  1. Neelesh Persadh says:

    im sorry sir i never give u feedback on the braid and other stuff i never have any time at all to try em my electronics have been off this weekend due to my visual art work … but ive downloaded a indie game from playstore called indie ghost kinda fun but super hard

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