The people behind the games

first games legendary developers

game developers choice award

top 10 game developers



3 thoughts on “The people behind the games

  1. Netrisha Moodley says:

    The first games developed are so different compared to the ones we play now. Maybe they didn’t have the tech or equipment at that time but honestly, try comparing Sheriff to any of the games today and you can see a HUGE difference… not just in terms of GUI

    • Very good comment but regardless of graphics all games share some fundamental game concepts. That’s why I shared the book, theory of fun. Very interesting read.

  2. Neelesh Persadh says:

    mario bros had best physics , seriosuly he`d be standing half a mm on an edge and he still wont fall … PRO , but atari makes some good games like Test drive its kinda good never play the new 1 yet though

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