DVD Resource kit vol1

Hello. I hope control tests went well. Have you’ll explored the resource dvd? Found anything interesting? How is the music? I would love to release more content but I designed it with passwords to encourage active participation?

Comments, questions or feedback is highly recommended!


49 thoughts on “DVD Resource kit vol1

    • Right click on icon and select, run as administrator or try different compatibility settings. I tried from kit and it worked. Anybody else having this issue?

    • I agree! I have entire collection of jokers last laughs. If ever there was a character I would love to pen, it would be for the clown prince of crime.

  1. Neelesh Persadh says:

    homework first … i dont get time for a break lol … and im lost competley with whats goin on with my disc i dont know if its not working or i just dont know

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