blank cd’s?

Please return to miss Iyapian. I make sure you get resource kit and bonus content. So how many people have actually installed and played braid. We need to complete it and move on. I have new projects coming. Has everyone voted?

Any other comments and thoughts? I really don’t have a clue of what you think of posts if, you don’t comment.

Please note what we doing on this blog is a new approach to education. Are we still nervous to comment? Don’t be? I have posted many questions but don’t see any comments, why? Is the content rubbish or are waiting to be taught by traditional spoon feeding methods? Out there, in the real world, the spoon got stolen…My point is, you’ll need to start thinking critically and that will never happen if you’ll don’t share your thoughts via comments.

Any thoughts on these posts: pixel art? Learn game dev poll, ergonomics, R35, etc.

I take my time to research relevant topic, post it here and then wait.

Must I have a lesson to teach you’ll how to be critical thinkers? Please speak up, I am fully prepared and dedicated to assist in any way.


8 thoughts on “blank cd’s?

  1. Denisha Pillay says:

    So sorry for not commenting. Everyone’s probably studying for control tests.Today’s our last paper so we’ll chat later today.(and no, the content is not rubbish!).

    • Thank you. Yes, the black on black theme was too depressing. Blog looks much better now but still need to work on the navigation and organising different content into different pages. Stats have been impressive. I look forward to more feedback from the other learners.

  2. Ryan Govender says:

    yes I currently am playing braid … and its one of the best games ive ever played … it actually makes me think alot… yes I did vote

  3. Netrisha Moodley says:

    Braid is awesome. I’m obsessed with the ‘Shift’ button! The new GUI looks so much better compared to the old one.

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