Status and recap

So yesterday was 1st ever meeting of this club. Did have some technical difficulties but eventually managed to screen Indie Game the Movie! Did not have much of a discussion but I’m hoping eventually users of this blog will find their voice?

I was really tired, so I’m not sure if what I said made much sense? I’m excited today as I realized that my gfx drivers were not updated(currently on a version that was released in 2009) I’m hoping update allows me to play braid, super meat boy and (fingers crossed) Fez! But I will be playing by my rules and play the games we decide on, so first up is braid!

As for game dev, I am doing research in a game dev studio that is easy to learn and hopefully soon we will be on our way creating our first adventure game together. The manual is 119pages, is that too long?

As ever, working hard to provide a quality service to all of you!

Feedback is always welcome, good or bad.


One thought on “Status and recap

  1. Ryan Govender says:

    yesterday meet was good… cause it showed us the deadication involved…. Which im sure we all have… Now theres just for us to decide where we want to go… Like the game type or stoyline and stuff… we just need to dicuss it…

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