Current status 255

It’s been too long… Ever since I was mesmerized by the first “computer” game I saw, I knew I wanted to be able to do that, fast forward over 20 years and I am nowhere near realizing that dream. Done a ton of research and downloading but the hardest thing has been STARTING! Memory share: My matric programming project was a dungeon text adventure that I eventually scraped: you could navigate a room, north, south, east, west, open a treasure chest and battle a troll with a random attack point generator, it was terrible and never worked…

Couple adventures with click and create, my first experience with a game creation tool, since then I have came across: Unity3D, Game maker and game salad but again never start anything substantial.

Motivation? Welcome to the adult world and the difference between success and failure, realizing your dream or letting it just be that, a dream. It comes down to a simple question. How badly do I want it?

My hope has been to gather a group of like minded individuals so that we may create something together, motivate each other, fail together and succeed together. So far it’s just myself.

Anyone out there…?


8 thoughts on “Current status 255

    • Bat? Eish you play a hectic game of soccer. Lol! No worries, that the awesomenesness of game design! There is no right or wrong, only the limitations of your imagination.

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