need feedback

So you may have managed the very simple challenge and now you are staring at an ebook titled beginning java game programming. Now what?

Why do you think less and less quality programmers are coming out of school or uni as compared to the massive surge of developers from asia mainly from india. When reading a couple hundred page manual/guide means the difference between squalor or a better opportunity for their familes and themselves.

Why has dev exploded in these countries? Because the material is plastered on the internet. Most of it free, with a little bit of common sense and patient it is even possible to obtain commercial titles but remember if you like it or it has benefited you in someway you should support the author or developer by purchasing original product. Imagine a hygienically ultra clean public toilet(browsing with tor) but for the rest of us just imagine a public toilet and when you open the stall door out falls out books, little sayings, pics, papers, information, all that sh#t non stop ever flowing, free, actually you can’t use the toilet but safe there are other places to relieve oneself #facebook

My point is this, we have gotten lazy, comfortable with just surviving, spoilt. “Let me read this book… 20pages later…”Ish too hectics and boring…”, “…I think ill play some fifa…”

Books? Some ask what’s that? I acknowledge that what was considered knowledge came mainly from books, has now changed. Even currently I find myself reading more and more digital/mobi books than actual hard copies even comics I find an utter delight to view and read on a tablet.

Therefore why I chose to share first a mobi book so we have no excuses as to where and when we have access to the required knowledge to start your journey.


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