Sad to see an opportunity wasted. I got the passion, knowledge, time and commitment but I just don’t have the students.


One thought on “sad

  1. Dylan Govender says:

    Students are here. 🙂 Whats your plans for the site ? Well have a look at but the site is just a tool the real magic is getting together some dedicated, passionate students from the chatsworth area and learning about various IT topics and skills. Game programming, web dev, mobile dev, hacking, hardware repair and maintenance, networking, gaming, graphic design, animation, researching, other forms of hacking, information sharing, IT. Education, skills development in non IT individuals, giving back to the community via non profit efforts such as blogs, websites, facebook tools. Mathematical and science advancement. More hacking, linux, hackintosh, hardware hacks, mods, demo coding, comic books graphic novels, fantasy, science fiction, retro, new, cyberpunk, steampunk, anime, manga, more and more

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